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Our 2020 Vision

The year 2020 has introduced many obstacles, not only for Petersburg, but also for our country at-large. While it is easy to become overwhelmed by the countless issues that need to be addressed, we believe it is vital to bring our attention back to the key concerns that are at the root of our city's struggles. These pillars symbolize our values and identify the primary objectives of my candidacy and our focus toward a brighter and more constructive future. 


We are focused on the growth of businesses and industries and how they play a part within our city’s revitalization process. As we seek out improvements to our infrastructure, we must create equitable solutions to address our city’s blighted properties. Through public and nonprofit partnerships, we will invest in and uplift parks and recreation, as they provide safe spaces for our children to learn and grow within a structured environment.


We will work with students, parents, teachers, and school board members to seek out accreditation and ensure solid lines of communication are maintained between our ward’s local school board and our city council. We must invest in educational programs, technology, and career tools which prepare our students for success in the workforce.


Our billing and collections services are well overdue for an upgrade, and civilian oversight is needed to ensure that this process is transparent and consistent with the needs of our citizens. We will work with private and nonprofit environmental organizations to provide quality and accessible water to all Petersburg residents.


Our campaign will focus on community support in the form of health advocacy, the improvement of financial outcomes for our city’s residents, and the use of social support initiatives to address our community’s struggles.


At this campaign, we believe that we are one city and that we are one Petersburg. As candidates we are not solely interested in protecting the interests of our own ward, but we also hope to acknowledge and respond to the needs of individuals all over our community. In the summer of 2020, Marlow Jones (Candidate For Petersburg City Council- Ward 2), Marcus Omar Squires (Candidate For Petersburg City Council- Ward 4), and I joined together to create "One Petersburg." We all agree that Petersburg deserves unified leadership, and with that in place we will remain committed to the goals of creating a more educated, innovative, livable, and prosperous city. Every week we as candidates speak and discuss the issues that pertain to the city, without the in-fighting and closed session meetings you may see from our current City Council.  We also plan to continue to work with our faith-based organizers and local non-profit leaders weekly by attending and supporting events that align with our mission.